The Brief

Adware Communications helped bring Khadi Gramin to life. Although a long established, trusted and well-known brand, Khadi Gramin historically hadn't engaged with its loyal customer base as their route to market was via retail stores. With an eye on the future; Khadi Gramin also aim to drive awareness towards millennials and younger audiences. We had a clear vision as we plan to implement a content strategy, social media engagement, branded campaigns, to maximise reach and conversion.

What we did

Adware Communications was also tasked with delivering promotional brand videos including: concepting, storyboarding and scripting and productions. Our dynamic Facebook and Instagram campaigns, drives traffic, resulted in an expanded footprint throughout Kolkata and West Bengal. Being a Government organisation, Khadi Gramin has an entire family of proven products backed by customer success stories. They needed a partner to help relaunch this new product lines of Muslin fabric in a way that didn't compete with their existing product line up, but also do it in the midst of both Covid and peak holiday season sales and promotions. After executing a high impact Social Media strategy, the foundation was set to take a new product innovations to market. Adware Communications aimed to simplify core messaging so that it was both human and direct, while being supplemental to the benefits of "Muslin".

Adware and Khadi had already teamed up together to create a consumer experience that was driving sales. But, in addition to all the work that was being done, Khadi needed a more immersive experience to introduce the product, create intrigue, and drive conversion. With a media strategy in place and a need for a place to point to, Adware created few Khadi Gramin Store promotion videos and Hoarding designs for New store inauguration that served as an extension of digital strategy and experience to tell a meaningful story.

  • Brand Videos
  • Store Promotion Videos
  • Social Media Activation
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Consulting
  • Digital Campaigns and Advertising

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