The Brief

CSB Agrivet Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Animal Feeds. Although the company had a national presence, but the brand had limited industry exposure. Adware Communications was tasked with raising awareness of the CSB`s brand and business offering; building the brand image among its audiences; growing awareness and perception across the industry by engaging two primary audience groups:

  • Existing and potential clients, distributors, dealers, and other key industry figures.
  • Talented graduates and recruits with prior experience in the animal feeds industry.

What we did

Adware Communications established that CSB Agrivet was a respected brand, but its market exposure was far from optimised. With no data to reference, we utilised a variety of market insights, statistics and technology sourced, demographic metrics to guide our strategy. We first revisited the company's Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website, We created and executed a comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy - a plan with the power and scope to secure digital positioning and improve marketing and visibility in the search marketing space.

Our job was to boost the effectiveness of our SEO-enabled content output, improve search engine ranking and strengthen market positioning online. We quickly identified areas of opportunity and even structured a social media-focused marketing strategy that conveyed CSB`s industry unique strengths. The strategic SEO and Social media plan was actioned, and with monitoring and reporting, has demonstrated that our proposed combination of improvements is delivering very positive results.

  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Campaigns: AdWords & Social Media

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