Voice Search Optimization: A Comprehensive SEO Guide For 2023


During the Covid-19 epidemic, people turned to a hands-free technological experience. As the world moved on, people stuck with this trend because of the multitude of benefits that they were exposed to.

Voice search is a lot faster and thus time-saving than traditional search engine services. There are several devices to integrate voice search into our daily lives, Amazon Echo and Google Home only being a couple of names to start with. The biggest advantage? If not these devices, you can voice search with your very mobile.

If your website needs to be voice search optimized, any branding company in Kolkata is going to advise you to hop on the trend right away. 

Here are a few practices that you can include in optimizing your website for voice search successfully.

Take the Conversational Route

Voice search is pretty different than traditional search. Voice search heavily focuses on conversational language and thus taking this approach can help your website gain more accessibility in this field.

Concise content goes a long way when trying to keep it authentic. It keeps your content customer friendly as it makes the content enjoyable but also answers their doubt.

In addition, it helps you rank because the content is true to your brand. Avoiding fluff and adding a human touch to the content will allow customers to follow quicker and understand the goals of your brand clearly.

Focus on Localization

When people use voice search, for the most part, they are looking for something that is near them. For example, when you are out and want to look for a restaurant near you, you are more likely to use voice search.

The best way to optimize your website for local SEO is to make your Google Business Profile. It helps your business to appear in the list that chronologically appears when customers search “Near Me” services.

It is always a good idea to consult an online branding agency in Kolkata like Adware Communications for voice search optimization so that you make the most of your website. 

Improve Website Accessibility

The whole point of voice searching is to be fast so people can get answers on the go. If your website is slow or does not work adequately, people are going to leave and this can hurt your website’s ranking.

You can tackle this issue by ensuring that your website loads quickly. It not only elevates user experience but also serves the purpose well. Keep updated on the performance of your website if that is something you have been neglecting lately!

Another crucial step is optimization for phones. People use voice search on phones, so it only makes sense that your website should be mobile-friendly.

Use Strategic Keywords

It takes more effort for people to type out something than say it out loud and this not only affects content but also the keywords you use in the content.

People are more precise, quick, and detailed when they are speaking than when they are typing. The content, thus, needs to utilize keywords that reflect the same.

Longtail keywords come under the spotlight as they are longer and can offer more precision than shorter ones. With these, you have the scope to attract more conversion rates and also more local attention with lesser competition.

Personalize with FAQ

Any content on your website needs to focus on the customer and thus answering their questions becomes integral. People usually go for “How, When, Where, What” searches when they use voice search.

Using the FAQ section will only help you gain more visibility with voice search. One of the best ways to incorporate FAQs successfully in your content is by going to the People Also Ask section of Google and using the questions that people are actually asking to gain more traffic.

There are several ways to integrate voice search optimization for your website and these were just a few of them. The concept may be a new one but with a better understanding of what it is and how it benefits your website, you can use it successfully. You can easily avail yourself of low-cost SEO in Kolkata like Adware Communications to optimize your website not only for voice search but for other platforms. Consulting a digital marketing company can help your website grow on social media and transform your website.

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