Is AI Content Good for Increasing SEO?


SEO is the process of optimizing traffic to a website to enhance leads and eventually sales. To combat the racing competition today, it is unsurprisingly one of the most essential features in a company’s success. With this increasing need, there are many online branding agencies in Kolkata like Adware Communications to help you with your website’s optimization.

Enhancing SEO means you need content that will improve the visibility of your website. The struggle to create content that will stand out while still adhering to SEO norms is challenging. But, to fulfill this need, AI content is steadily gaining acceleration in the content creation world.

What is AI content?

AI content is the one that you create using artificial intelligence. In this method, AI chatbots like Jasper AI and ChatGPT produce content according to the text you input. The chatbot will then pull pre-existing text from all over the internet and convert it into unique text that fits your purpose. You can then seamlessly create both long-form and short-form content like social media posts with its help.

So the main question that arises here is whether content generated content helps your company.

Here are some ways AI-generated content helps:

  • Time Effective: When you are using AI-generated content, the text that you receive is practically generated in mere minutes. Ideally, when a content writer is writing the same text, it will inevitably take way longer than just a few minutes. It can help you produce content in bulk in a short time.

  • Creates Consistency: The best branding agencies in Kolkata are aware of the importance of consistency when it comes to SEO and ranking. When you use AI, there is no chance of running into a period of writer’s block or missed deadlines because you can create content immediately. Plus, you get quick content from all over the internet each time without fail.

  • Great SEO Help: When it comes to SEO, AI content is good at creating text that has different types of keywords that will help the visibility and Google ranking of your website. As discussed earlier, AI pulls content from existing information, and hence, SEO is bound to be better with this type of content.

But some ways in which AI-generated content can create issues:

  • Subpar Quality: Another prominent issue that arises with AI is concerns surrounding the quality of the content generated. Since AI simply responds to the input you have made, content can lack any unique information and can ultimately hinder your website from standing out. In addition, this type of text lacks the human touch necessary to grab the reader’s attention.

  • Factual Errors: When humans scour the internet, there are ways to identify websites that are posting incorrect information. But with AI, there is almost no way to do the same. This can lead to the production of matter that can be factually wrong. In the long run, it can create issues with the reliability of the information that your company is giving out.

  • Plagiarism Issues: Perhaps, one of the major issues that every SEO brand has with AI-generated content is that it has a higher level of plagiarism. Pulling from several websites then can be both a blessing and a curse. Even when the content comes from various sources, copying too closely can result in legal action.

To conclude, with AI-generated content in the scene, there is an additional way to create content. But the efficiency of this new way totally depends on how every company uses this type of text. There are ways to use AI content strategically so as to create content that can help your website’s SEO while also being unique. Today, there are many companies like Adware Communications to help you with visibility and SEO in general. Adware is one of the best SEO service providers in Kolkata that can help your brand gain more attention, expand clientele, and increase revenue in an organic way. With their experience and knowledge, you can understand your customers better and cater to their needs more easily.

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